The CE Scheme has a range of different benefits for those who are eligible to participate, no matter what goals our participants are working towards, we are here to assist them in all aspects. Below are some testimonials from different outlooks from those who are currently working on the scheme, why they decided to apply and what they have achieved in doing so.

Alan Tuite – Environmental worker Ballymore Tidy Towns

I decided to take part in the CE Scheme for the training benefits and to get help in getting back into the work force. There is also an aspect of mental health involved in partaking in the CE Scheme, I did it for my own head, it is a great relief to get out of the house and do something, keeping active within a job and socialising with the people I work with. I feel like throughout my time on the scheme I have made an impact on the community, I have been heavily involved in the tidy towns and it has given me a great sense of purpose. I really enjoy working in Ballymore and I love the people, everyone gets involved and there is a great sense of community throughout. A typical day would involve anything from litter picking, mowing lawns and of course not forgetting to put my level 3 horticulture training to use and attending to the flowerbeds and shrubs. It was the best phone call I ever got, being told I was accepted onto the scheme, I’ve learnt so much and it has given me the experience and the confidence to get back into the work force. It was a tremendous boost for me mentally, and I would definitely recommend anyone who is struggling to get back into the work force to give it a shot, it’s a foot in the door, a sense of worth and along with training, a sense of pride and achievement.


Deirdre Corroon – Administrator for Westmeath Ladies Gaelic Football Association

I decided to take part in the CE Scheme because I was already involved within Westmeath Ladies Gaelic Football, volunteering. As I was unemployed I was eligible for the scheme and it was important for me to have work and get out and do something, especially something I already had an interest in. When I started I did not know anything about the training that I would be able to do within the scheme so that was a fantastic surprise. I have been working towards achieving a level 6 major award in Administration which has been tailored specifically to suit me and the skills I wanted to develop for the career I wanted to work towards. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to be given, especially younger people who want to work and train towards their career goals as it gives them a chance to experience the job as well as train to develop their career in it. While I was training I was offered the opportunity to do some part time tutoring in one of the training providers that I had previously obtained some of my awards in. I am still finishing off some modules to complete my major award but since starting the scheme I have gained confidence, and I feel like I have already gotten my foot in the door towards achieving full time employment for when I finish up my time here. I am looking forward to what the future has in store for me, career wise and I would recommend to anybody who are eligible to participate in the CE Scheme.

Kim Allen – Office Administrator Kilbeggan Racecourse

I previously completed a level 8 honours degree in Athlone Institute of Technology in Business but I found that employers nowadays want a lot of experience which I didn’t have. I applied for the CE Scheme to build my experience and increase my chances of future employment. I am only on the scheme a short while now, but the work I have been doing and the experience I have been gaining has made a huge impact on me both personally and professionally. I am more confident and I am also getting to learn on the job which is a great head start for when I work towards my level 6 major award in Business Management throughout my time here. We have a plan made out to work towards developing my skills to compliment my honours degree so when I finish up I have not only my original degree, but a major award with components that are backed up by my experience within the office here at Kilbeggan Racecourse. I feel that the CE Scheme is of huge benefit to me and I am excited to work towards my true potential. I would recommend it to anybody who is eligible, it’s one of the best things I have done.