CE Eligibility

Applying for CE vacancy
To participate in the Community Employment programme, you must:

  • Register at your local Intreo/ Employment Services Office.
  • Meet certain Eligibility Criteria.

Eligibility Criteria
There are 2 different categories of Community Employment (CE), each with its own set of eligibility requirements.

Part Time Integration Option
You may qualify for participation in the CE Part-time Integration Option if you are aged 25 years or older and are receiving social welfare payments for 1 year or more or if you are 18 years or over in receipt of disability-related payments.


Part Time Job Option
You may qualify for participation in the CE Part-Time Job Option if you are aged 35 years or older and you are in receipt of social welfare payments for 3 or more years.


Participants of the Community Employment programme are encouraged to undertake work related and general training while participating on the programme.

Further Information
Please contact your local Employment Services Office or Intreo Centre for additional information.

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